Don’t Let Website Visitors Be Just That…

Why not turn them into returning customers and clients?  But do you know how to do that without monitoring your website 24/7?  Or without being a website/email stalker?  It’s a lot easier than it sounds, and if you’re online with a website for your business (which you have no excuse not to be) than you absolutely must have an email capturing system in place.

So exactly what is an email capturing system? Simply put it’s a means to capture or ‘record’ the email addresses of visitors to your website.  It’s not as James Bond as it sounds, but it’s a simple program you incorporate on your website that asks for an email address in exchange for something from you. Whether it be a free e-report, or an e-book, or simply your bi weekly newsletter. The idea here is to give something away to those visitors in exchange for their email address and consent to contact them in the future.  Essentially this is list-building, and it’s kind of a big deal.

Here’s why: When visitors happen to come to your website and for whatever reason they don’t buy on that first visit (and this is usually the case), they may in fact want to remember you or maybe just keep you fresh in their minds for when they do need you. Without a system in place for them to do that, they might remember to bookmark you….but they probably will forget. And the chances of them finding you again, after the phone rang,  they ran to the neighbors and then left to pick up the kids are super slim.

But, if you have a handy little spot that says “hey visitor, lookey here I have a wonderful free bag of tricks I’d like to give you interested? Great leave your name and email address below and it’s all yours” Of course not in those words, but again you get the idea.  You want to give them something of value, so they feel like you value them. It’s a pretty easy concept to get, but until it’s pointed out you might just miss the enormous opportunity.

And here’s the best part. Say you’re wanting to run a special or you have a great deal to offer. Now all those ‘visitors’ who left you their email address can hear it first hand straight from you.  Got a 2 for 1 deal goin’ on, shoot that to them in a quick newsletter or update.  Goin’ on vaca, yup they may want to know that too.  It’s a great way to keep you fresh in their minds, and one of the best ways to do ‘warm and fuzzy’ sales.

I frequently utilize this system to pre-sell my existing clients and to inform them when I have upcoming openings. That way if they’re considering hiring me to assist them, they know that in 2 weeks I’m free.  The uses and benefits are endless and should be implemented as soon as your website is live.

Just think of the visitors you’re missing out on right now…this very second..without an email capturing system.  No worries friends, because if you need assistance with a system, contact me and my team at Pink Spring Media and we’ll get you capturing in no time 🙂