Do you need a Ghost on your side?

Social media and marketing is quickly becoming the ‘norm’ to stay competitive, grow your business, and reach new customers and clients. But did you also know that there is a whole new sector forming to assist you with these time-squeezing strategies? Or course you do that’s why you’re reading this post right….Right! (No…just nod you’re head and stay with me :))

According to a new study done by Ad-ology small business owners are starting to realize that they need to engage their customers in new ways that are socially derived. And the study also found that more business owners plan on spending more time online, to connect with their customers, find out what they want and need, and reach out to new customers.

But listen running a business  is  pretty time-consuming by itself. So I get it if you’re saying ‘look I would like to spend more time online socializing, but I have a business to run’.  I hear ya, that’s why it may be time to ‘ghost  out’ that part of your marketing mix.  What do I mean by ‘ghost it’ out? Basically hiring a company or freelancer to ghost your socializing for you.

Are you that small business owner whose  business is humming along,  gaining new customers or clients, growing each month and you’re also running yourself ragged because you’re trying to organically socialize too? Don’t beat yourself up about not having the energy or time to do it and still have fun. If you can or are ‘doing it all’ great… go write a book about it because I know you’d have a gaggle of readers. But if you aren’t that business owner, no worries because there is help.

Are you blogging, Tweeting, Facebookin’ and Linkin In? Well maybe doing all of that is stretching a bit, but you should at least be doing one of them.

Let’s see  if you’re  small business is a good fit for Ghosting Out:

*You’re super busy maintaining your daily business activities, but still have growth goals to meet.

*You would like to beef up your online presence and reach out to attract more customers and clients.

*You’re able to send quick emails, texts, or calls to your Ghost to report what you want to say.

*You have an advertising and/or marketing budget that is under-performing or just not working for you at all.

*Expect to pay for this premium service – if you need 4 blog posts a week, 15-30 Tweets a week,  personalized @ replies, and social monitoring you should not expect your Ghost to accept your $200 a month bid. – in addition to the maintenance, and writing  you’re paying for their time as well.

–>Now let’s look at what you should expect from your Ghost:

*They have proven online capabilities. – um yeah they need to be online, and pretty Internet savvy.

*They can show you their socializing style by sending you to their blog, website, Twitter account etc. – you want to hire someone who is similar to your creative style or who can at least mimick it.

*You can easily and quickly get a hold of them – no sense in hiring someone who is never available or hard to reach.

*They’re knowledgeable on the latest social media strategies, and tactics.

Now you’re all set to hire your first Ghost, keep these few tips in mind when you venture out to hire you Ghost. This is an industry still in its infancy but growing fast, as small to medium sized-businesses grow and still need to have a dedicated online presence.


Websites that…Work!

When your website works what does that do for you and your business?  And how do you know it’s working for you?  I’m not gonna pretend that I know everything there is to know about websites and the mechanics of every html and css code bit.  But what I can and will share is what has worked for me, when I was just starting out with my very first website and blog, and why having one was so very important.

Now if you’re anything like me just starting out, fairly new and unaware of the internet or how to build a site that actually works for me. You don’t have much of a clue. Which in some cases is a good thing. For me it meant that my website journey would be one of pure learning without any preconceptions.

All I knew was that my website should be attractive, it should have the ability to acquire newsletter subscribers, be easy to get through (navigate) and should sell, sell, sell! And I wanted it to be found when new customers were looking for me, and serve up information if they were looking for it.

Once I built my first website it did nothing for me. It didn’t attract customers, it didn’t allow for newsletter subscribers, it didn’t even track traffic for me.  It basically just took up virtual web real estate…and was a waste of time for me.

The lesson was that while I’m all for the ‘DIY’ (do it yourself)movement there are some things that should be left to a professional.  Or at least left to them to show me how to do it.

What most new-to-the-web-building world don’t get is that you don’t have to have a huge 25 page bulky website to be successful online. If you provide a service, have a product or two, or market yourself in many cases you don’t need a bulky website.  A mini-site could be just what will do the trick.

A well-made mini-site will attract new customers and clients, tell who you are, how to contact you, grab visitor email address for list building, build awareness and sell should you need it to.

Above all your website needs to function, if it isn’t you too may be wasting valuable virtual real estate.

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Traffic Jam…on I264…and your website!

Only this traffic jam is one you’ll want happening.  Granted most times you hear about a traffic backup on 64 or 264 you cringe in anxiety.

But when it comes to traffic to your place of business or to your website you want all the traffic you can tolerate right?

Of course, so let’s look at ways to connect with the Hampton Roads traffic that is looking for your product, service or store…right now!

–> Content: Did you know that if you blog, and place carefully chosen keywords through out your post that you have a huge advantage to be found on search engines by local Hampton Roads visitors and seekers.  This my friends is why blogging, about relevant and useful information is so important.

–> Keywords: Do you know what keywords your local Virginia Beach customers is using to find you? Or how about the common keywords that helps that customer from Norfolk find you.  This is important because without the right keywords the search engines won’t pick up on your content and therefore no one can find you in time.

I say ‘in time’ because you may very well show up in search engines but if you’re on page oh say…6…it doesn’t really matter, because do you ever make it to page 6 on Google? Or even page 4? Didn’t think so. Page 1 maybe 2 is where you need to be, to get the most out of your marketing mix, and systems.

Just two little ways to start the traffic a-rollin’ in.

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It’s time Hampton Roads…to get Connected!

It’s time. You’ve established your business in one of the 7 cities that is Hampton Roads,VA, or maybe you’re just getting started.

Here are some things you should know to be true as a business owner in the new technology, web 2.0 era:

1) A website even a simple one is MANDATORY! Even if it’s a simple 3 page site, you MUST have one and it’s not optional. Whether you’re a plumber, a lawyer, doctor, or a dog walker. Hear this….you need a website.

2) Social media is HERE TO STAY! Nope you may not want to hear this, and you may not even like it, but guess what you don’t really have a choice on this one either.  You can choose to be complacent and ignore this trend but just know that your competition is using it, and to grow or capture your audience social media will need to be incorporated in your marketing mix…again NOT optional.

3) If you’re website, blog and marketing mix doesn’t include the right systems working on its behalf, both 1 and 2 from above will not matter because your customers will not find you soon enough in a search engine quest.

–>Here’s an example:  you have a website…awesome; you’re doing some socializing…wonderful, but if no one can find you locally or even outside of your local market what’s the point?  There isn’t one because your website and your social efforts aren’t living up to their potential, and actually costing you money instead of making you some.

BUT my friends there is good news…with the right tools working in your marketing mixes favor all of this can have a very happy ending.

When you have all the right systems in place and working together, your customer base will increase, your profits will grow and you’ll be getting the most from your efforts!

Now we’re talking. Wanna know how you can get there?

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