Do you need a Ghost on your side?

Social media and marketing is quickly becoming the ‘norm’ to stay competitive, grow your business, and reach new customers and clients. But did you also know that there is a whole new sector forming to assist you with these time-squeezing strategies? Or course you do that’s why you’re reading this post right….Right! (No…just nod you’re head and stay with me :))

According to a new study done by Ad-ology small business owners are starting to realize that they need to engage their customers in new ways that are socially derived. And the study also found that more business owners plan on spending more time online, to connect with their customers, find out what they want and need, and reach out to new customers.

But listen running a business  is  pretty time-consuming by itself. So I get it if you’re saying ‘look I would like to spend more time online socializing, but I have a business to run’.  I hear ya, that’s why it may be time to ‘ghost  out’ that part of your marketing mix.  What do I mean by ‘ghost it’ out? Basically hiring a company or freelancer to ghost your socializing for you.

Are you that small business owner whose  business is humming along,  gaining new customers or clients, growing each month and you’re also running yourself ragged because you’re trying to organically socialize too? Don’t beat yourself up about not having the energy or time to do it and still have fun. If you can or are ‘doing it all’ great… go write a book about it because I know you’d have a gaggle of readers. But if you aren’t that business owner, no worries because there is help.

Are you blogging, Tweeting, Facebookin’ and Linkin In? Well maybe doing all of that is stretching a bit, but you should at least be doing one of them.

Let’s see  if you’re  small business is a good fit for Ghosting Out:

*You’re super busy maintaining your daily business activities, but still have growth goals to meet.

*You would like to beef up your online presence and reach out to attract more customers and clients.

*You’re able to send quick emails, texts, or calls to your Ghost to report what you want to say.

*You have an advertising and/or marketing budget that is under-performing or just not working for you at all.

*Expect to pay for this premium service – if you need 4 blog posts a week, 15-30 Tweets a week,  personalized @ replies, and social monitoring you should not expect your Ghost to accept your $200 a month bid. – in addition to the maintenance, and writing  you’re paying for their time as well.

–>Now let’s look at what you should expect from your Ghost:

*They have proven online capabilities. – um yeah they need to be online, and pretty Internet savvy.

*They can show you their socializing style by sending you to their blog, website, Twitter account etc. – you want to hire someone who is similar to your creative style or who can at least mimick it.

*You can easily and quickly get a hold of them – no sense in hiring someone who is never available or hard to reach.

*They’re knowledgeable on the latest social media strategies, and tactics.

Now you’re all set to hire your first Ghost, keep these few tips in mind when you venture out to hire you Ghost. This is an industry still in its infancy but growing fast, as small to medium sized-businesses grow and still need to have a dedicated online presence.

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