Traffic Jam…on I264…and your website!

Only this traffic jam is one you’ll want happening.  Granted most times you hear about a traffic backup on 64 or 264 you cringe in anxiety.

But when it comes to traffic to your place of business or to your website you want all the traffic you can tolerate right?

Of course, so let’s look at ways to connect with the Hampton Roads traffic that is looking for your product, service or store…right now!

–> Content: Did you know that if you blog, and place carefully chosen keywords through out your post that you have a huge advantage to be found on search engines by local Hampton Roads visitors and seekers.  This my friends is why blogging, about relevant and useful information is so important.

–> Keywords: Do you know what keywords your local Virginia Beach customers is using to find you? Or how about the common keywords that helps that customer from Norfolk find you.  This is important because without the right keywords the search engines won’t pick up on your content and therefore no one can find you in time.

I say ‘in time’ because you may very well show up in search engines but if you’re on page oh say…6…it doesn’t really matter, because do you ever make it to page 6 on Google? Or even page 4? Didn’t think so. Page 1 maybe 2 is where you need to be, to get the most out of your marketing mix, and systems.

Just two little ways to start the traffic a-rollin’ in.

Of course if you need our assistance we’re here to help! Get started Today!

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