It’s time Hampton Roads…to get Connected!

It’s time. You’ve established your business in one of the 7 cities that is Hampton Roads,VA, or maybe you’re just getting started.

Here are some things you should know to be true as a business owner in the new technology, web 2.0 era:

1) A website even a simple one is MANDATORY! Even if it’s a simple 3 page site, you MUST have one and it’s not optional. Whether you’re a plumber, a lawyer, doctor, or a dog walker. Hear this….you need a website.

2) Social media is HERE TO STAY! Nope you may not want to hear this, and you may not even like it, but guess what you don’t really have a choice on this one either.  You can choose to be complacent and ignore this trend but just know that your competition is using it, and to grow or capture your audience social media will need to be incorporated in your marketing mix…again NOT optional.

3) If you’re website, blog and marketing mix doesn’t include the right systems working on its behalf, both 1 and 2 from above will not matter because your customers will not find you soon enough in a search engine quest.

–>Here’s an example:  you have a website…awesome; you’re doing some socializing…wonderful, but if no one can find you locally or even outside of your local market what’s the point?  There isn’t one because your website and your social efforts aren’t living up to their potential, and actually costing you money instead of making you some.

BUT my friends there is good news…with the right tools working in your marketing mixes favor all of this can have a very happy ending.

When you have all the right systems in place and working together, your customer base will increase, your profits will grow and you’ll be getting the most from your efforts!

Now we’re talking. Wanna know how you can get there?

Come talk to us…it’s what we do!

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